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Getting Started - Employers

Financial wellness is a critical component of a healthy work-life balance—and a productive workforce. An Employee Financial Wellness (EFW) program from us can improve your employees’ financial health and your company’s bottom line.

Employees under personal financial stress are less productive at work, are absent more often and have low job satisfaction. Companies that help their employees achieve financial wellness through education and counseling can reduce turnover and improve productivity and employee morale. More than 80 studies have confirmed the link between employee personal finances and employer profitability.

In fact, studies of employee productivity show that companies investing in an employee financial wellness program can realize an ROI of more than 300%1. The professionals at ClearVista Financial can help you determine how best to offer this benefit to your employees, as well as how much it can improve your workplace and your bottom line.

To request more information or to begin analyzing your company’s potential ROI, please complete the form below.

1: Garman, E. Thomas. “The Business Case for Financial Education.” Personal Finances and Worker Productivity, Volume 2, Number 1, June 1998, pp. 81-93.