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Mark Trice

Mark Trice

Investment Advisor Representative

Mark Trice founded ClearVista Financial because he is passionate about helping people find balance in their lives—especially their financial lives.

Mark has always been an advocate for accessible and understandable personal financial planning. He believes that traditional financial planning tools use simplistic assumptions and can produce financial targets that are unrealistic and unworkable for real people.

As a Finance lecturer and researcher at George Mason University, Mark discovered that proven economic principles, when applied to financial planning, could help create financial targets and plans that are achievable, sustainable and support the goal of a balanced life. The result was the Spend Life Well model and ClearVista Financial’s unique economics approach to financial planning.

Mark is a strong believer in stewardship, the idea that we all have a responsibility to share our gifts and talents to sustain and improve our community.

Mark Trice is a successful entrepreneur, business advisor and personal finance consultant. Over the past 25 years and prior to founding ClearVista Financial, Mark served as an executive with a number of professional service organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and DLA Piper. He has also founded successful small businesses in the environmental and real estate industries. He holds a masters degree in Applied Economics from the University of North Texas and a bachelors degree from Baylor University.  Mark and his family live in Central Texas and are active members of Harris Creek Baptist Church.