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Do Something in 2021

Do Something in 2021

January 09, 2021
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Someone once said that hindsight often provides clear 20/20 vision.  Not only did the year 2020 not provide a clear vision for the future, it was certainly not one anyone could have predicted.  COVID-19, an economic recession, a stock market crash, a stock market boom, wearing masks, quarantines, the loss of friends and loved ones as well as restrictions on our freedoms were just a few of the things we endured in 2020.

Many took the year and did absolutely nothing.  Hunker down, self-isolate, take care of your family.  I think at times we all experienced some of those feelings. So, I do understand.

While we cannot predict what the future holds, 2020 is in the rear view mirror.  I want to challenge you to make 2021 the year that you take control of your financial future.  It can be difficult to take the first step, I know.  Many of us would rather get a root canal than talk about money, retirement, estate planning or life insurance. 

A client once told me that money is an emotional and mysterious thing and hard to determine the right things to do with it.  I agree with them that emotions tend to be attached to money, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Being willing to take the first step to understanding your financial picture is the hardest part.  We have helped many take that first step, and it isn’t as hard as it seems.

When I was a Freshman in high school, I was our Football team’s quarterback.  We were a talented group of guys with a lot of promise.  I had fun playing football with my buddies. 

That changed one day, early in the season, I suffered a painful injury during practice.  It was my throwing hand.  Fortunately, there were no breaks, but I would be out for several weeks…six to be exact.

I was excited to return after missing six weeks of practice and several games.  I was ready to play…or so I thought.  That first game, I played lousy.  I flat out stunk.  It was as if I had not ever taken a snap of the ball in my life.  A deer in the headlights to say the least.

On one drive, we were actually moving the ball down field due to the talents of my teammates but the drive stalled.  The next play I missed a hand-off and then a bad pass.  It was not looking good.  We were at risk of losing the game.  And then I heard something that forever shaped my thinking when I am faced with challenging situations.  From the sideline 30 yards away my coach yelled, “TRICE, DO SOMETHING!”

Now, Coach was clearly frustrated with my performance.  He had a right to be upset.  I was not doing what was necessary to execute the offense he had designed to move the ball, score and win.  Coach was trying to motivate me in that game but what he said has been applicable to everyday life since.

Often times, when I feel like I am paralyzed and do not know what to do with a particularly challenging problem, I pray for wisdom for that situation.  And, I remember to Do Something.  Keep your feet moving.  Move ahead even though you may not have all the answers or maybe just flat out petrified. Take the first step toward addressing the problem no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Do Something

My challenge for you all in this year is to take the next step in mastering YOUR money. Do something to learn more about your finances.  Maybe develop a spending plan or talk with a financial advisor about the allocations in your retirement plan.  You could evaluate your insurance coverage or update your legacy plan.  Do Something.

The advisors here at ClearVista Financial are your financial coaches.  Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality financial education and prepare them for the things that matter in life…to them.  We are able to help you take the first steps towards a bright financial future, AND, if need be, serve as the Quarterback of your financial, legal, tax and insurance team….all necessary players for a healthy financial game plan.

So, thank you Coach for getting on my case that day and telling me to “Do Something!”  We did not win the game that night.  It was a painful loss; one I remember to this day.  If the loss and my performance were not bad enough, shortly after Coach expressed his frustration from the sideline, I heard a familiar voice coming from the bleachers.  This person used my middle name and encouraged me to “Get it in gear!”.  Don’t we all know that when someone uses our middle name, we might be in trouble?  And yes, you guessed it right, the voice from the bleachers was my mom.

When it comes to your finances, get a coach and get educated.  Get it in gear and Do Something!

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