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What I Do and How I Can Help

What I Do and How I Can Help

April 21, 2017
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For many people, it’s hard to find the time and resources to confidently build and manage your assets. And it can be even more difficult to know how to integrate your personal values into your financial plan.

At ClearVista Financial, we strive to do things differently than most firms. By focusing on your values, goals, and needs, we aim to help you create a financial roadmap that addresses all pieces of your financial puzzle.

Who We Are

ClearVista Financial is an independent financial services firm providing financial planning and retirement planning to pre-retirees and 401(k) plan participants. Our clients are hard-working families who have spent years saving for their future. They seek a professional who can help them prepare for retirement and protect what they’ve saved and take on much of the management of their finances so they can spend more time focusing on their passions, whether that’s their church, community, or family.

Our Unique Philosophy

I have always been an advocate for accessible and understandable personal financial planning. I believe that most traditional financial planning tools use simplistic assumptions and can produce financial targets that are unrealistic and unworkable for real people. I’ve discovered that proven economic principles, when applied to financial planning, can help create financial targets and plans that are more realistic and sustainable, and can support the goal of a balanced life.

Following this thinking, I developed the Spend Life Well Model, a dynamic economic approach to evaluating the many possible scenarios in your real financial life. Our modeling leverages an innovative concept in economics called consumption smoothing. The ultimate goal is to help you live well and find balance among the things you value most—your family, future, passions, and community—and maintain that balance throughout your life.

Why Clients Choose Us

If one thing sets ClearVista Financial apart from other firms, it is our commitment to excellent services, from providing our clients financial confidence and wellness to serving as their trusted guide. Empowerment can be such a blessing in people’s lives because they learn how to be a good steward with their wealth.

My clients often tell me that they want to work with an advisor who will take the time to educate them about their investments and opportunities for meeting their retirement goals. They want someone who will be their financial quarterback and help them manage all the pieces of their financial life. I focus on managing all of the potential risks in their financial lives rather than simply reviewing their portfolio’s performance. As a result, my clients often tell me that they choose to work with me because I convey honesty and integrity, and they feel they can rely on me for their many financial questions and needs.

My Goal for You

Ultimately, I hope I can help you work toward financial balance while allowing me to manage the intricate details of your finances. Life is too short not to focus on your passions in life. I am committed to helping my clients live well today and tomorrow. If you’re searching for a quarterback who will integrate your values into your financial strategies and guide you along your financial path, I encourage you to contact me for an introductory, no-commitment meeting. I can get to know your needs better and you can learn more about how I work and what I offer. To get started, email me at or call 512-381-1510.

About Mark

Mark Trice is an independent financial advisor with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. As the founder of ClearVista Financial, his mission is to help people find financial balance in their lives and to spend life well. Along with providing financial planning and retirement planning to pre-retirees and 401(k) plan participants, he is also an educator. He currently holds the designation of a Certified Financial Educator® through the Heartland Institute of Financial Education. Mark has offices in Austin, Brownwood, Temple, and Waco, Texas. Along with serving clients in Texas, he also works with individuals in California and Virginia. To learn more, visit or connect with Mark on LinkedIn.