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Your employees’ personal financial stress can impact your company’s bottom line. Studies show that financially stressed employees can waste up to 20 hours per month at work on personal financial issues1. This leads to lower productivity, more absenteeism and less participation in company benefit and retirement programs. The professionals at ClearVista Financial believes that financial wellness is critical to maintaining a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

The professionals at ClearVista Financial have developed a comprehensive Employee Financial Wellness (EFW) program that corporations can offer as a benefit to their employees to help them make educated financial decisions and find a balance in their financial lives. The professionls at ClearVista use an approach to changing financial behaviors that includes training, coaching and accountability.

 Our basic EFW program includes four core services that are delivered in a manner that is least disruptive to your workflow and designed to complement your existing benefit programs. A basic program includes:

  • Pre and Post-Program Diagnostic Assessments
  • Core Training Solution
  • On-site Financial Counseling
  • Customized Benefits-focused Financial Newsletter

Additional counseling is always available at the employee’s expense, but we will not solicit your employees for other services or attempt to sell products.

You can help your employees find balance in their financial lives, improve their productivity and improve your bottom line, all with a Employee Financial Wellness program from the professionals at ClearVista Financial.


1: Raphael, Todd. “Think Twice: It’s Their Debt But It’s Your Problem.” Workforce, November 2002.