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The Balance

Living well is about finding a balance among the things you value the most:

  • Your family
  • Your future
  • Your passions
  • Your community

… and maintaining that balance throughout your life—today and tomorrow.

Finding a balance that is right for you depends on your values. And we all rely on our support system of family, friends and faith to help make good value judgments.

Finding the right balance also requires financial wellness, which can be difficult to achieve. Your financial situation changes as your life changes—you change jobs, you buy a new house, you start a family, you care for loved ones—the unexpected happens.

Conventional wisdom and financial “rules of thumb” don’t take into account your unique values. Some people spend too much today, limiting their ability to live well tomorrow. Others actually save too much today, sacrificing things that are important in hopes of building a nest egg that is “big enough.”

The professionals at ClearVista Financial are committed to helping you achieve financial balance so that you can live well today and tomorrow.