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We make a plan that works for you.

Our clients receive invaluable analysis and consulting from a team of Christian professionals, whose counsel is centered in stewardship. Our clients receive a 45-point checklist for retirement and financial planning, in addition to a thorough understanding of a biblical view of money management. With God’s Word as our guiding principle, we help clients see a clear picture of how to wisely invest in today and save for tomorrow.

We're focussed on your story

As investment and financial planning specialists, our objective is to advise you in all aspects of your financial life. We build a baseline scenario of your financial life, which is designed to help maximize your living standard over time, rather than just the size of your nest egg when your retire. This approach makes it easier to understand the costs and benefits of your financial choices, and lets you model scenarios that are interconnected, just like your real-life choices.

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Our products will support you

We offer a range of services and products to assist with college savings, life insurance, long-term care, estate strategy and retirement planning. With more than ten years of industry experience, we understand how to navigate Medicare, social security, taxes and wealth management. Let us teach you along the way. We can start today. 

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