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Dream Big

You have hopes, goals and dreams. You also have values, priorities and convictions. We want to hear them all. Share with us your vision of what a successful retirement looks like.

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Plan Wisely

Our honest, efficient and sound approach will equip you with advice you can bank on. You’ll find that our advisors use a unique, faith-based approach in financial advisement.

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Steward Well 

Congratulations on your commitment to steward your resources well. As we guide wise planning of your resources, we'll look forward to seeing your preparation bless your family.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors who assist our clients in retirement planning based on biblical, financial principles. With God’s Word as our guideline, we help clients see a clear picture of how to wisely invest in today and save for tomorrow. Our clients receive invaluable analysis and consulting from a team of certified Christian professionals, whose counsel is centered in stewardship.

Our primary goal is to build a trusted, long-term relationship with you. We’d love to sit down and show you who we are, what we value, and how we can help you with all your investments, financial planning and insurance needs.

How We Work

At ClearVista, we provide clients a comprehensive overview of your financial portfolio and teach you how to achieve your financial goals and spend life well. We build relationships. We are here to walk alongside you as you plan for your future.

Our honest, efficient and sound approach will equip you with advice you can bank on. You’ll find that our advisors use a unique, faith-based approach in financial advisement. We are consistently kind, competent and caring.  With unflagging integrity, we assess your financial needs and base our recommendations on biblical principles that will enable you to spend life well. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon, and we are here to run beside you.

We Offer A Free Introductory Consultation

Let's Get Started

We offer a free 30-minute consultation. In that introductory meeting we start to get to know you and understand your vision for retirement. We listen as you tell us what a successful retirement looks like and what concerns you may have about your financial portfolio.

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Start The Conversation

We will also tell you a little more about ourselves and the insurance, investment and retirement products suited for your personal financial goals. Our time together will provide you a confidential place to ask questions and learn more about how you can spend life well.

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Our Mission

At ClearVista Financial, we know what it means to live as followers of Jesus Christ and seek to honor the Lord in all we do. As you seek to steward your resources with biblical wisdom, you want advisors who share your same values. We are here to help.

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Our Team

Founded over ten years ago by Mark Trice, ClearVista Financial has proven itself as a cornerstone in the market for sound, God-honoring financial advisement. Our team has grown, and we have multiple offices across Central Texas. We are deeply rooted and committed to our community.

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Our Services

We offer a wide arrange of services and products to assist with college savings, life insurance, long-term care, estate strategy and retirement planning. With more than ten years of industry experience, we understand how to navigate Medicare, social security, taxes and wealth management. 

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“I am a strong believer in stewardship. And I am passionate about helping people find balance in their lives—especially their financial lives. Offering accessible and understandable financial planning, allows me to encourage clients to share their gifts and talents to sustain and improve our communities.” 

Mark Trice, Founder